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Kita kembali ke Staffield Country Resort pada 24 Okt. Dah lama tak main sini.

Penyertaan pun menggalakkan. 32 kesemua nya. 8 flights. Itu standard kita pada tiap tiap minggu.
Keputusan adalah saperti dipamirkan:

Dato Salleh Champion. Dikuti oleh Kol Razaki.

Pas tu Dato Jasmay. Ketiga tiga ni dah lama atau tak pernah di Top Three. Kali ni takde kena potong handicap. The best Cuma 1 under je. Lain kali lak kita membaiki standard.
ps: Monthly Medal kita ialah pada 31 Okt 2012 di Bukit Unggul. Daftar nama dengan RHM.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

SIM 7/2012 Grand Dinner


 The grand dinner was held at the Chinese restaurant in the hotel.
 Dato Abd Malek was the emcee for the night.

To begin the night, the President of SETIAKAWANGOLF,  Dato Abd Ghani was invited to give a speech.
This was followed by dinner and then with prize giving.
The results are as follow: 
Congratulations to Dato Abd Hamid for becoming the Champion of SIM JAKARTA 2012. To my good friend from Kuala Pilah, Hj Rosli Deli please take note that the champion is a 21 handicapper. There are 5 other B medallists who are in the top 10.
 Unfortunately, my kuda for winning the tournament, Dato Tairobi did not win anything at all. He went home empty handed and may be a few hundred thousand rupiah poorer. I played in the same flight with him at Bumi Serpong Damai and he was really having a bad day in the office. He was having problem with his eyes. Same thing goes to our CEO, Dato Nawi Alias. Poor CEO was doing rather well until he double par the easy par 4 hole 5. Another disaster struck him at par 5 hole no 16 for playing the wrong ball. Well Dato Nawi and Dato Tairobi, please dont be sad as there are many other tournaments ahead of us.

DAY 5 - 18 OCT
This was our last day. Since our flight home was at 6.50 in the evening, 16 golfers opted to play a friendly round at MODERN which was close to the airport. Again Hj Maghribi walked away with the first prize money which was quite substantial. Remember he was the winner at Bogor Raya. Yours truly had the best round of the 3 days of golfing returning a gross score of 89 but unfortunately was not good enough to win anything.
 The ladies had another field day shopping at Mangga 2. We hope you have managed to buy whatever you have in mind before leaving KL for Jakarta. Certainly all the husbands will have to work on a very tight budget for the next few months.
 Till the next SIM, adios



  DAY 4 - 17 OCT
 One golfer, Rusli Nasution was taken ill and was not able to play in the second round at BUMI SERPONG DAMAI. 
Easily a 5 star golf course with beautiful and friendly caddies.
We teed off from 2 tee boxes.
Yours truly played a better golf today returning a gross score of 10 shots better than the previous day. Perhaps the burden of organizing the trip was slowly diminishing and certainly due to the professionalism of the caddies.
 I was so happy that I paid my caddie more than the agreed rate. The results are as follows:

Also today Tan Sri Hashim Meon and Puan Sri had to fly home because they were going to Mekkah on 19 Oct. We wished them all the best in their pilgrimage and may Allah swt reward them with haji mabrur.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012



DAY 2 - 15 OCT

At 8.15 while having breakfast we were told that we were leaving for KLIA at 0900 instead of 1030 as told the day before. Remember our flight was at 1.30. Thus began another round of shouting and arguing. To add salt to injury, only one coach turned up instead of two. Nevertheless, we were squeezed into the coach which finally  left at 9.30.
 To our horror at the MAS counter we discovered that 4 of us were not listed on MH 721. Aduuuuh pening. Our military training has thought us to react rationally in time of crisis. With soft persuasion, all the 28 of us eventually flew to Jakarta in the same flight. Alhamdulillah.
 At Soekarno-Hatta airport we were met by Pak Sofiyan our travel agent. My first impression of him gave me the confidence that we were going to be in good hands for the rest of our stay in Jakarta.

The tour guide for the non-golfers, Pak Jais was one hell of a joker. Room keys were distributed at the airport which enabled us to go straight away to our respective rooms once we arrived at the hotel.
 While all these were going on, 10 golfers who arrived the day before decided to play a private round of golf at BOGOR RAYA organised by Dato Hashim Yahaya. We were told the winner was Hj Maghribi. This tuan haji is a real buaya.
 That night we had dinner at the nearby restaurant padang SEDERHANA. The purpose of the dinner was to get all participants together for the first time, to be briefed on the programme and most importantly to know from the ladies what they wanted to do for the next 3 days.
 Through consensus, the ladies all decided to go shopping though there were whispers earlier that sightseeing should be included in the programme for the ladies. What a great relief.
 The golfers were told that due to the cancellation of the KLM flight, the SIM tournament was to be reduced from three to the remaining two days of golfing at IMPERIAL KARAWACI and BUMI SERPONG DAMAI.

DAY 3 - 16 OCT

 All 29 golfers participated in the first round of SIM JAKARTA at IMPERIAL KARAWACI.

This golf club could easily be graded as a 4 star facility.  All the 8 flights were allowed to tee off at once on different tee boxes through the initiative of the many marshalls moving around the golf course. Thus we all finished our 18 holes at about the same time.

Result : 
  Yours truly had the worst round of 18 holes golf returning a gross score of 103. With the handicap of 16, his nett score was 86. Managing to beat only two 24 handicappers. SIGH. The pains in organizing this SIM has taken its toll.



 Setiakawan International Masters kali ini merupakan kali ke 7 kita adakan. Diam tak diam dah 7 kali kita merantau International. Perantauan kita meliputi tempat tempat berikut dan pada tanggal tanggal berikut dan menghasilkan juara juara yang tersenarai.

Banyak pertimbangan dan organisasi diperlukan. Macam macam cerita dialami semua yang mengikuti perjalanan kita ini. Ada suka dan ada sadikit duka. Kebanyakan nya berseronok dan mengumbirakan.
Selain dari bersantai kita juga bertanding untuk merebut Piala Setiakawan International Masters yang di sumbangkan oleh Penaung kita, Tan Sri Hashim Meon. Dah ada 6 pemenang. Kali ni tambah satu lagi.
Chairman SIM, tak berubah- sentiasa Dato Khalid Saad. Keluhan dia tu didengar serata dunia SetiakawanGolf, tapi dipikul dengan penuh tanggung jawab dan dedikasi.
Cerita nya di sambung di bawah.
 SIM JAKARTA 2012 was thus far the biggest in term of participation with 29 golfers accompanied by 21 spouses, children and a grand child. We almost had 32 golfers to make it a neat 8 flights tournament but as usual 3 golfers had to back out due to unforeseen circumstances.
 For this particular SIM, the committee decided not to engage the service of local travel agent as we normally did. Based on the strong recommendation from Capt Yahaya Othman, we engaged Bapak SOFIYAN, a free lancer as our travel agent in Jakarta. Thus, as the Chairman of SIM, yours truly had to do all the work of a local travel agent. On the one hand, it was a good decision as we saved a lot of money and got things done the way we wanted them to be. But on the other, it had caused the Chairman unnecessary heart ache as there were so much work to be done.
 For the purpose of coordination, all participants were advised to book their flight on KLM. However, 12 of them decided to fly by MAS which was later proven to be the lucky lot.
 We were to be accomodated at a 4 star Hotel SANTIKA in Slipi at a very reasonable price.
 Three golf courses were chosen as the venue of our tournament :
a.    Bogor Raya on 15 Oct.
b.    Imperial Karawaci on 16 Oct.
c.    Bumi Serpong Damai on 17 Oct

DAY 1 - 14 OCT
 As with SIM BANDUNG 2011, SIM JAKARTA took off on the wrong footing. Mr Murphy decided to pay us a visit. KLM flight KL 809 from Amsterdam which were to fly us to Jakarta was cancelled due to "technical problem" - the favourite term used by airlines when things go wrong. The reaction of the airline staff including the manager in handling the situation was totally uncalled for by our military standard. Only 10 of 38 of our group were able to be transferred to another airline (MAS) on the same day while the rest were comfirmed with tickets to fly by MH 721 at 13.30 the next day. A total time of 4 hours were spent at the KLM counter before the whole problem was "solved".

The stranded travellers were taken in 2 coaches to Hotel Royal Bintang in Seremban where we were to be accommodated for the night. Why Seremban? God knows. Our ordeal was not over yet though we were very happy with the hotel and the food served.

More to Follow


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Friday, October 12, 2012


Nampak nya cuma 24 orang je mengambil bahgian. Tak tau kenapa angka menurun. Nak kata course tak ‘friendly’, tak juga. Terlalu friendly hinggakan 7 orang kena potong handicap. Itu 3 under dan baik. Selain dari tu, 4 orang lagi bermain under. White tee box ke?
Walau bagaimana pun tahniah diucapkan kepada 11 orang yang bermain under. Simpan itu masa. Lain kali cuba lagi baik. Dato Amin akan sedia untuk menyemak handicap.
Keputusan keseluruhan ada lah saperti di pamirkan:


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 Seramai 31 members telah mengikuti permainan kali ni.

Keputusan adalah saperti di pamirkan:

Nampak nya 3 orang kena potong handicap. Tahniah diucapkan.



Gambar Sumbangan Dato Khalid Saad